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Ethanol fueled vehicle
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Mission (Vision): To enhance the knowledge, capability and readiness of operational emergency response agencies to effectively respond to fires, spills and other emergencies involving ethanol and ethanol blended fuels.

EERC Goals

  • Assemble a scientifically based body of knowledge and information regarding effective fire and spill control methods involving all aspects of ethanol and ethanol blended fuels as it relates to emergency response. This may include evaluation of firefighting and spill suppression agents (foams), equipment, tactical and strategic considerations and other related issues.
  • Develop educational materials, training programs and other products for emergency responders that will improve their knowledge of and ability to respond to emergencies involving ethanol and ethanol blended fuels, and allow them to make informed decisions regarding capability based on community risk and other factors.
  • Provide for the distribution and access of training materials, reports and other programs to emergency responders and others.
  • Research and evaluate other work, training programs, methods or resources related to emergency response to ethanol or ethanol blended fuels.
  • Recommend changes to public policy, industry and emergency responder codes, standards, recommended practices to improve the safety of emergency responders and the public with regard to production, distribution, use and disposal.

Member Representatives of the Executive Committee

Kristy Moore, Renewable Fuels Association
Chauncey Naylor, Tyco Fire Protection
Glen Rudner, CRA USA
Peter Weaver, International Liquid Terminals Association
Richard Miller, International Association of Fire Chiefs
David White, Industrial Fire World
Bob Royall, Harris County Fire Marshal's Office


Co-Chairs: Kristy Moore and Glen Rudner
Vice-Chairs: Peter Weaver and Bob Royall

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